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Tips for your Cruzr Profile!

posted: 21 Feb 2014 3:44pm

We all want to make the most out of our profiles, so here are some tips from us to help you find a hot guy on Cruzr!

Pick a flattering picture of yourself. If your best feature is your cheeky grin, pick a head shot. After all, you can always get cheeky later and show off your best features with FlashChat!

Using Cruzr on your mobile is quick and easy. You can cruise on the go, but make sure you don't have any autocorrect fails on your phone when chatting to a guy!

Definitely use your GPS location to find a potential match. Cruzr makes it easy for you to check out hot guys near you!

Like to chat? Record and upload video and voice clips to your profile so you can tell other guys listening what you want.

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