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Put on your best Sexy Voice for the Cruzr Guys!

posted: 14 Mar 2014 6:27pm

What do you look for in a guy? A good body and face? How about a sexy voice?

We know that there are lots of factors that influence why you find someone attractive. So as well as being able to check out member's photo gallery and being able to send them a cheeky FlashChat, you can listen to a Cruzr member's voice when your checking him out!

All our members can record a voice clip to add to their profile, so people can see them AND hear them! It's a fun way to find out what someone will sound like, so you can imagine what a bit of naughty phone chat will be like with them!

If you're on Cruzr, you can use your voice clip to say whatever you like! Tell the other guys a little bit about yourself, or say what type of guy you're looking for and they'll be able to play it when they visit your profile.

So put on your hottest, sexy voice and get recording!